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Thermopot REDMOND RTP-805


REDMOND RTP-805 is a modern appliance for boiling and heating water with a fast cooling system.

4 operating modes

The thermopot holds 5 liters of water. It can boil it, cool it down to the desired temperature from 45°C to 90°C in 5°C increments, and keep the water as warm as you need it. To heat pre-cleaned artesian water, which does not have to be boiled, RTP-805 has a heating mode without boiling.

Standalone operation

In the boiling, heating or cooling water mode the appliance operates only when it is connected to the mains. However, you can prepare your favorite drinks even in places where there are no electrical outlets: the appliance has an autonomous water supply function. Insert four AA batteries* into the removable battery compartment, connect it to the appliance and take the thermopot with preheated water to the nature or cottage. When running on battery power, you will have access to the water pouring function.

Setting the serving volume

RTP-805 is preset with 2 water serving volumes: 150 m for a small coffee cup and 250 mL for a tea cup. Is your favorite mug a custom size? Set and save in the memory of the appliance and the next time the thermopot pours exactly as much water as you need!

Auto Off

The thermopot is reliably protected against accidental breakage from overheating. Sensitive temperature sensors react instantly to boiling and no water in the tank. Water has reached 100° C or you have switched on the appliance with no water - the protection system will turn off the thermopot.

Reliable and safe

The inner water tank is made of eco-friendly stainless steel and the outer casing is made of heat-resistant plastic. Thanks to the double walls, the water in the flask of the thermopot cools down very slowly. In addition, the outer walls of RTP-805 do not heat up. Using the appliance, you can always completely block the water spout, protecting yourself and your loved ones from accidental burns.

REDMOND RTP-805 Thermopot. Always warm feelings!

* Battery packs are not included in the basic package and must be purchased separately.

  • Power 1900 W
  • Voltage 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Electrical safety class I
  • Overheating protection available
  • Battery 4 × LR06 (АА)
  • Capacity 5 l
  • Operation modes:
  • - water boi
  • - heating water without boiling
  • - heating (45–90 °C in 5 °C increments)
  • - cooling
  • Type of control touch
  • Autonomous water supply function available
  • Heating element disk
  • Cooling fan hidden
  • Housing material plastic
  • Water tank material stainless stee
  • Lid removable
  • Display LED
  • Water supply and lock automatic/manual
  • Auto shut-off:
  • - when empty
  • - in case of overheating
  • Overall dimensions 238 × 315 × 217 mm
  • Net weight 2.7 kg
  • Power cord length 0.65 m
  • Package Includes:
  • - thermopot
  • - power cord
  • - user manual
  • - service book
  • * The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to design, packaging, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.

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