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Waffle Maker REDMOND WM001

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Waffle maker comes with 3 switchable non-stick coating plates for making tasty sandwiches, crispy waffles, or grilled meats, which allow you to whip up hundreds of recipes, from grilled burger patties, chicken chops, buttermilk waffles and tuna sandwiches in one press.

Practical Thermostat Function: When the temperature reaches 518°F, this waffle maker will stop heating automatically. Automatic temperature control of the combination unit includes temperature control light.

Non-stick Removable Plates:Interchangeable plates have non-stick coating and can be easily dismounted.

  • Power Input 800 W
  • Voltage 120 V
  • Package:
  • - waffle maker
  • - 3 plates
  • Warranty 12 months
  • * The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to design, packaging, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.

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