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Cheese stuffed chicken cutlets

Multicooker RMC-M800S-E

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20 minutes 296 calories


Butter 50 g
Vegetable oil 70 ml
Fresh parsley 10 g
Fresh dill 10 g
Chicken fillet 500 g
Hard cheese 120 g
Breadcrumbs 30 g

How to cook

Chop the greens. Coarsely grate the cheese, combine the grated cheese with the chopped herbs, butter, and salt. Shape the cheese balls and place them in a freezer for 5 minutes. Rinse the chicken, put it through the meat grinder, add the salt and spices and beat until smooth. Flatten the mixture into circles and place the cheese ball in the center of each circle. Shape the cutlets and coat in the breadcrumbs. Pour the oil into the bowl and add the cutlets. Close the lid. Select FRY, “Meat”. Set the time for 20 minutes. 10 minutes before the end of the program open the lid and flip the cutlets over. Close the lid and cook until the end of the program.


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