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Multicooker REDMOND RMC-M95E


Multicooker RMC-M95E is a kitchen appliance for automatic frying, baking, stewing, cooking. The REDMOND appliance has 17 programs for preparing side dishes, meat, desserts, bread, dairy products, canned snacks and many other dishes.

The multicooker bowl capacity is 5 liters This capacity is sufficient to use the RMC-M95E to feed the whole family with stewed cabbage soup or pilaf!

Automatic programs

Thanks to the expanded list of automatic programs, the REDMOND multicooker allows you to make dozens of hearty and healthy dishes – for example, bigos, stew with pork, apples with honey, fig jam, cottage cheese or pureed buckwheat porridge for a baby. In RMC-M95E it is also convenient to prepare dishes using sous-vide technology – that is, dishes in a vacuum. Ideas for cooking you will find in the cookbook, which comes as a gift to the RMC-M95E, as well as in the free mobile application "Cook with REDMOND".


Special program MULTICOOK allows you not only to change the cooking time, but also independently adjust the temperature. You can set these parameters before the program starts. MULTICOOK will be a great opportunity to automate cooking for everyone who loves culinary experiments. Having adjusted the necessary temperature and time, you will be sure that your signature cherry pie will precisely be baked in a multicooker and will please guests with the faultless taste.

  • Type multicooker
  • Type of control electronic, touch
  • Operating systems support
  • Power 860-1000 W
  • Voltage 220-240 V, 50 Hz
  • Body material plastic, steel
  • Protection against electric shock class I
  • Protection system available
  • Types of protection sensors
  • Colors Black
  • Number of automatic programs 17
  • 3D-heating available
  • Removable bowl available
  • Bowl coating non-stick ceramic
  • Bowl material aluminum
  • Total bowl capacity 5 l
  • Useful bowl capacity 3.5 l
  • Steam valve removable
  • Inner lid removable
  • Upper lid available
  • Display LED, color
  • Display illumination available
  • Maximum timer setting time up to 24 hours
  • Keep Warm up to 24 hours
  • Preliminary disabling the Keep Warm available
  • Beep available
  • Mute the beep available
  • Time delay up to 24 hours
  • Reheating dishes up to 24 hours
  • Pasteurization available
  • Sterilization available
  • Power cord length 1 m
  • Dimensions 250 × 380 × 290 mm
  • Net weight 3.9 kg ± 3%
  • Supply package:
  • - holder for scoop/spoon
  • - 120 recipe book
  • - container for steaming
  • - measuring cup
  • - multicooker
  • - flat spoon
  • - user manual
  • - service book
  • - RB-C512 bowl
  • - ladle
  • - power cord
  • Guarantee 2 years
  • Compatible bowls RB-C502, RB-C518, RB-C512, RB-S500H, RB-C505, RB-C515, RB-C508, RB-S500, RB-A503, RIP-A2
  • * The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to design, packaging, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.


  • COOK
  • SOUP
  • BAKE
  • FRY
  • STEW

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