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Electric Kettle REDMOND RK-CBM147-E


Kettle REDMOND RK-CBM147-E is a specimen of style, convenience and safety. Thanks to the original design solution, the kettle will perfectly complement the kitchen, decorated both in retro style and with an ultra-modern interior.

Strong body

The body of the appliance, made of high quality stainless steel, even after a long and intensive use of the kettle will retain its original appearance.

Convenience and ease of use

Due to the fact that the contact group is built in the center of the appliance base, the kettle can be rotated on the stand 360°. This ensures the most convenient operation: if a stream of steam will fall on a nearby equipment, you can easily turn the kettle in the other direction.

Temperature indicator

During the kettle operation, its mechanical indicator shows the water heating degree. When the water is heated to the desired temperature, you can turn off the appliance. So you can conveniently brew different types of tea and prepare baby food.

Removable filter

The spout of the RK-CBM147-E kettle is equipped with a removable filter, thanks to which you can not worry that some scum can appear with water in a mug of tea or coffee. Cleaning the filter is very easy and convenient – just remove it from the kettle and rinse under running water.

Protection system

The RK-CBM147-E features an overheating protection system: the kettle will automatically turn off if there is not enough water in it. This option will protect the appliance from possible damage and will increase the service life of the appliance.

  • Color bronze, chrome
  • Type kettle
  • Power 1800-2150 W
  • Voltage 220-240 V, 50 Hz
  • Capacity 1.7 l
  • Type of control mechanical
  • Protection against electric shock Class I
  • Heating element type disk
  • Heating element steel type 304
  • Descaling filter removable
  • Contact group STRIX
  • Temperature controller
  • Operation indication LED
  • Removable appliance lid available
  • Measuring scale graduated
  • Operating systems support
  • Body material stainless steel
  • Auto power off when there is not enough water (boil-dry protection) available
  • Auto-off when boiling available
  • Auto power off when removed from the stand available
  • Rotation on the stand 360°
  • Pump
  • Power cord length 0.8 m
  • Power cord storage compartment available
  • Dimensions 260 × 230 × 150 mm
  • Net weight 1 kg ± 3%
  • Supply package:
  • - kettle
  • - kettle stand
  • - user manual
  • - service book
  • Guarantee 2 years
  • * The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to design, packaging, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.

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