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Mobile applications

REDMOND mobile applications in your smartphone!

Control appliances from your smartphone!

Open a new facet of your freedom with R4S!

Turn on the kettle without getting out of bed, cook dinner without looking up from the PC display, warm up the room while charging – with the Ready for Sky app you can control your household appliances from your smartphone screen!

The Ready for Sky app is designed to allow you to manage every minute of your time. The app makes it incredibly easy to control all REDMOND appliances with the R4S technology. You install the R4S app once and all the appliances at home are controlled in one click!

Learn more about R4S technology

All world cuisines in your home!

Over 3,000 fabulous recipes!

In our easy-to-use app we’ve collected over 3,000 recipes of the best dishes that you can cook with REDMOND multicookers: rich soups, juicy steaks, exquisite salads, crispy fried food, stewed grains and the tenderest ragouts as well as fine desserts, mouthwatering pastries, homemade bread, oatmeals made with milk, side dishes, yogurts, cheese, cottage cheese and much more!


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