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Grilled sausage and cheese sandwiches

Grilled sausage and cheese sandwiches

Мультиварка REDMOND MasterFry FM230 со сковородкой, подъемный нагревательный элемент

5 minutes 78 calories

Meal types: Sandwiches


White toast bread 3 pc
Сooked sausage 100 g
Tomatoes 120 g
Hard cheese 80 g
Fresh dill 5 g
Fresh parsley 5 g

How to cook

Cut the sausage, cheese and tomatoes into slices, finely cut the greens. Lay the ingredients on the bread slices in the following order: sausage, cheese, tomatoes. Put the sandwiches into the low gridiron. Set the cook time to 5 minutes and a temperature to 200°С. Spread the greens onto your ready-made sandwiches.

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