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Oct 24, 2019

Appliances and Devices from REDMOND at International Ideal Home Exhibition Feria Del Hogar 2019 in Colombia

REDMOND's partner in Colombia, Casa World Group, participated in the largest annual exhibition Feria Del Hogar 2019 (Sp. “Home Fair”), the most popular Fair among all Colombian families. This year's event was held from August 22 to September 8 in Bogota.

Appliances and Devices from REDMOND at International Ideal Home Exhibition Feria Del Hogar 2019 in Colombia

During the exhibition, the representatives of Casa World Group invited guests to take a closer look at REDMOND kitchen appliances, including a line of smart appliances based on R4S technology. Visitors to the Home Fair were presented with multifunctional multicookers and pressure multicookers, series 6 multibaker, smart light kettles SkyKettle, smart coffee maker, as well as innovative multicooker SkyCooker CBD100S with the patented REDMOND technology of cooking in two bowls DoubleChef® and control from a smartphone.

The demonstration of the REDMOND multicookers versatility was contributed by some tasting events organized at the booths with the involvement of famous chefs. The RMC-M90 multicooker, one of the most popular models among users, was chosen to demonstrate various functional capabilities of the appliance. During the exhibition, all the invited chefs were cooking biscuits, brownies, apple pie, steamed vegetables, poultry and fish, stewing a ragout, roasting meat, making soups, pancakes and fruit desserts in this multicooker. Guests of the Fair could see how the dishes had been cooked at all the stages and taste each treat.

The appliance was demonstrated in action, which allowed every visitor to see that the multipurpose kitchen appliances from REDMOND successfully manage with a variety of cooking tasks including the popular sous-vide and are able to substitute several appliances.

One more kitchen hit of the multifunctional REDMOND line – PM601 multibaker with plates for sandwiches, grilled dishes and Dutch waffles received at the Fair the maximum number of positive reviews from visitors. Guests of the event were attracted by the versatility of the appliance and, of course, how the appliance facilitates the cooking of variety of sweet and hearty dishes.

Kitchen appliances with remote control were presented at Feria Del Hogar 2019 for the second time. In order for each user to appreciate the latest smart technologies, the guests were given the opportunity to test the control of smart appliances and devices via the Ready for Sky application, to take a closer look at the interface and functionality of the application. The guests showed special interest in one of the main options of R4S technology – the ability to start cooking dishes and drinks, boiling water from a smartphone in 1 click.


Every year for 36 years, the Home Fair brings together imported and national exhibitors representing goods and services for home and family in a variety of categories: from finishing materials, furniture and appliances to food, clothing and entertainment. Well-known brands, as well as new manufacturers and distributors from around the world come to the event to talk about the latest trends in home improvement and demonstrate new products of a wide range of goods.

This year, the Feria Del Hogar 2019 was held in the largest exhibition complex Corferias in Colombia, the event was attended by about 200 thousand people; more than 700 exhibitors took part in the Fair.

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