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Oct 12, 2016

REDMOND at IFA 2016 in Berlin

In early autumn, REDMOND showcased its latest developments at IFA 2016, the annual international trade show that traces its history all the way back to 1924.

REDMOND at IFA 2016 in Berlin

REDMOND introduced its Smart Home appliance innovations to a worldwide audience with Ready for Sky technology, which allows gadgets to be controlled from anywhere in the world with a smartphone through a single mobile application. The smart appliance line-up was partially announced at the show the previous year and this year, the number of appliances that were displayed spiked due to the new development of small appliances, smart sensors, and safety devices contributing to a significant expansion of the smart home space.

Taking center stage among the exhibits was the REDMOND multikitchen SkyKitchen CBF390S-E with MASTERFRY® technology patented by REDMOND engineers. The programmable stove CBF390S-E is equipped with a unique lifting heating element, which allows you to cook automatically both in a bowl and a frying pan, as well as in any suitable heat-resistant utensils. Thanks to the MULTICOOK program and MASTERCHIEF LITE function, you can adjust time and temperature before as well as during cooking. The 3D-heating ensures uniform heat distribution throughout the entire volume of the dish when cooking in the bowl. Furthermore, the built-in radio tuner allows you to enjoy not only cooking, but also listening to your favourite music.

The brand also presented its flagship smart multicooker SkyCooker RMC-M800S-E. The multicooker features 48 automatic programmes, 3D-heating technology, as well as sterilization and pasteurization functions for making baby food and home-made preserves.

The CBF390S-E and RMC-M800S-E belong to the REDMOND Smart Home appliance line-up, meaning that they can be controlled from a user's smartphone via the Ready for Sky mobile app. Users can both start and stop an appliance, create new recipes, and change the time and temperature during the cooking process – all from a remote distance. You can control your devices from the next room in the house or from around the world. While some new appliances are expected to hit the European market in the near future, other smart devices such as the kitchen scales SkyScale 741S-E, floor scales SkyBalance 740S-E, kettle SkyKettle M170S-E, and coffee maker SkyCoffee M1505S-E are already available for purchase.

Alongside the exhibited smart appliances, there included multicookers with the MULTICOOK program (RMC-М90E) and the MASTERCHIEF (RMC- М150E) and MASTERCHIEF LITE (RMC-М4510E) functions, which enable control of the cooking time and temperature directly during the device’s operation. Modern auger juicers, blenders, powerful meat grinders, and other appliances were also put on for display at the exhibition.

Visitors of the REDMOND booth also got the chance to meet the brand's most exciting innovations in addition to taking part in cooking workshops and dish tastings. REDMOND's professional chefs treated their guests to various dishes they used the multicookers to prepare: appetizing fried potatoes with bacon, flavourful mushroom risotto, and plum pie for dessert and also invited visitors to taste juice made from the brand's juicers.

REDMOND continues to develop its presence on the European market with its smart appliances. Indeed, its exhibits always pique particular interest among the exhibition visitors, partners, and journalists, resulting in a growing number of German consumers who appreciate REDMOND quality and continue to purchase its new devices.

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