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International Warranty

International limited warranty terms and conditions

The warranty is valid within the warranty period specified in the warranty certificate. The warranty is valid from the date of sale, if it is impossible to establish – from the date of manufacture.

The warranty does not apply to products with damages caused by:

The warranty does not apply to mechanisms and accessories with natural wear life (brushes for vacuum cleaners, multicooker bowls and baking forms with non-stick coatings, juicing screen for juicers, blades, dust bags, replaceable filters, shampoos, liquids, etc.), and also battery power supplies and battery powers. According to the operational manual periodic maintenance works are not covered by the warranty.

The warranty (and post-warranty) service is valid in all countries, to which REDMOND officially supplies products.

The warranty and (and post-warranty) service is valid for all appliances, certified in the country where this service is provided.

The list of these countries is provided on the websites www.redmond.company, www.multicooker.com

In case of warranty service of the appliance purchased in another country there can be delays, related to supply of replacement parts or technical documentation.

In case of unrepairability of the appliance purchased in another country, issues related to exchange/reimbursement are solved in the point of sale of the appliance. Authorized service centers have the authority to determine the legitimacy of location and provision them for the repair of equipment in the country and confirm the free warranty service. Otherwise, an authorized service center may offer paid repairs or provide an act of impossibility of repair of equipment to address to the place of purchase.

If any difficulties arise you may apply to REDMOND, regional support centres, the list of which is provided on the website: www.redmond.company, www.multicooker.com.

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