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Paella with mushrooms and prawns

Мультиварка REDMOND MasterFry FM230 со сковородкой, подъемный нагревательный элемент

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45 minutes 203 calories

Meal types: Main courses


Round-grain rice 260 g
Shrimps (peeled) 150 g
Firm parmesan cheese 100 g
Mushrooms 100 g
Onion 60 g
Garlic 5 g
Water 370 ml
Olive oil 60 ml
Soy sauce 20 ml

How to cook

Dice the onions and field mushrooms and chop the garlic. Finely grate the parmesan. Rinse the rice until water runs clear. Put the rice into the bowl, cover with water, add salt and stir up. Close the lid. Press “Start/Reheat”. The dish is cooked on the RICE/GRAIN programme, 25 minutes. Cook until the end of the programme. Press “Cancel”. Put the cooked rice into a separate container, add the olive oil (20 ml) and stir up. Pour the olive oil (40 ml) into the bowl. Do not close the lid. Select FRY, “Vegetables”, set the time for 15 minutes. Once the countdown has begun put the onions and mushrooms into the bowl. Cook stirring occasionally. 5 minutes before the end of the programme put the prawns and garlic into the bowl, add the soy sauce and spices. Then put there the rice and stir up. Cook stirring occasionally, until the end of the programme. After the end of the cooking add the parmesan into the bowl and stir up. Close the lid. Set “Keep Warm” mode and let the paella sit in the bowl for 5 minutes.

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