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Roast beef under vacuum

Мультиварка REDMOND MasterFry FM230 со сковородкой, подъемный нагревательный элемент

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165 minutes 120 calories

Meal types: Vacuum


Beef (tenderloin) 800 g
Mustard 10 g
Dry red wine 30 ml
Worcestershire sauce 20 ml
Oil 20 ml
Water 1.5 l

How to cook

Rub the steak with salt and spices. Mix the Worcestershire sauce with the mustard and wine, rub the meat with the prepared mixture. Put the meat into a special packing and seal it under vacuum. Put the packing into the refrigerator for 4 hours. Pour water into the bowl, put the packed roast beef into it. Press “Start/Reheat”. The dish is cooked on the VACUUM programme for 2 hour 30 minutes. Cook until the end of the programme. Press “Cancel”. Take the roast beef out of the bowl and remove the vacuum packing, pour the water out of the bowl. Pour the oil into the bowl. Do not close the lid. Select FRY, “Meat”, set the time for 20 minutes. Cook with and open lid. 15 minutes before the end of the programme put the roast beef into the bowl. Cook until the end of the programme, turning over the roast beef occasionally.

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