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Smart Lighting Kettle REDMOND SkyKettle G210S

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REDMOND SkyKettle G210S is an innovative electric kettle that can be controlled from your smartphone both within your home and from anywhere in the world* through the Ready for Sky application.

With SkyKettle G210S you can easily prepare water for any kind of tea, quality yeast dough, baby food or protein shake. Simply set manually one of the standard temperature modes (40, 55, 70 and 85 °C) or set the temperature to within 1°C via the Ready for Sky mobile application.

Smart Boil

The kettle is equipped with a unique Smart Boil function, which allows the user to adjust the intensity of boiling water through the application. The function is designed to prevent excessive vaporization and to achieve an optimal level of mineralization of boiled water.
Tap water can be hard because of impurities entering it from pipes and treatment facilities. For such water, you should choose active boiling – it will help soften the water and make it more suitable for brewing and revealing the taste of your favorite drinks.
If you use water with a natural level of mineral impurities, set a small boiling rate – the kettle will heat the water, preserving the natural mineralization.
An innovative feature is available in the Boiling Time tab of the Settings screen in the Ready for Sky application.

In order not to boil the cooled water again, select the heating mode, and the water in the smart kettle SkyKettle G210S will remain hot for 12 hours. In order not to wait for the water to heat up for cooking pasta, potatoes or semi-finished products, boil it in this kettle, using the accelerated mode.
Use the Fresh water option, and the Ready for Sky application will remind you in time that it's time to change the water in the kettle. In the Statistics tab you will find information about the number of the appliance starts and how much energy your kettle has consumed during its operation.
For owners of smart kettles the Ready for Sky mobile application provides a nice bonus – built-in book of tea recipes. Just choose the right tea recipe, prepare the ingredients for it and start heating the water in one click.

With its transparent heat-resistant glass tank and programmable led backlight, the SkyKettle G210S can perform the functions of a lamp, night light, light music for home parties and even a gaming gadget for children.
Do you want the water in the kettle flask to be illuminated and shimmered with different colors when heated? Set the colors, brightness and frequency of their change (from 30 s up to 3 min) through the Ready for Sky mobile application. To change the color of the kettle's backlight in time with the music, select the Disco Tea mode, and then play the melody on any device or sing it yourself. SkyKettle G210S can also illuminate without heating the water. To do this, select the Night Light mode and set the duration of operation in this mode (up to 12 hours).
If you need to keep your child busy while preparing lunch or dinner, turn on one of the three educational games**: Guess the Color, Train Attention or Train Memory in the Ready for Sky mobile application. Guess the Color is a simple game for attention and memory training. The player selects the color of the kettle backlight on the smartphone screen. In the Train Attention the child must have time to choose on the screen all the colors that glow the flask kettle. Both children and adults will enjoy the game of increased complexity – Train Your Memory. Run it, and the display will be a colorful playing field. The player must repeat the sequence of colors that glow the kettle. For a successfully completed task you will be awarded with points as well as moved to a new level.


Ready for Sky. A new side of your freedom!

* The Ready for Sky application is downloaded for free via Google Play or the App Store. To control the kettle from the far zone, connect the free R4S Gateway mobile application on your home Android smartphone/tablet.

** Caution! Ensure that during the game the child could not touch the body of the appliance, its base or cord.

***Steel grade AISI 304 is used for the manufacture of high-quality cookware and kitchen appliances. AISI 304 has low carbon content. This composition makes 304 steel very strong and resistant to corrosion and oxidation, even in aggressive environments. Products made of steel AISI 304 are durable: they are not afraid of sudden changes in temperature, exposure to salt and fresh water, acid-alkaline solutions, as well as excellently resistant to mechanical damage and the appearance of rust.

****The British company Strix® has established itself worldwide as a manufacturer of safe controllers and contact groups for electric kettles of various brands. The quality of Strix parts is confirmed by international certificates and tests. Thanks to Strix® controllers, REDMOND kettles can be automatically switched off when water boils, overheats, and – if there is no water in the flask or the appliance has been removed from the stand during operation. According to internal Strix® tests, the controllers provide a minimum of up to 12,000 boiling cycles.
The stands with the Strix® center contact group allow users to easily install the kettle and rotate it 360°. This means that both right-handed and left-handed people can use the kettle with the same comfort. In addition, the Strix® contact group latest version has allowed realizing the selection of the temperature mode in some REDMOND kettles. Models of kettles with this option can not only boil water, but also heat it to temperatures in the range of 40° to 95°C.
Detailed information about all the functions of your kettle can be found in the User Manual.

Key Features

  • Power Input: 1850-2200 W
  • Voltage: 220-240 V, 50 Hz
  • Warranty:

  • Protection against electric shock Class I
  • Capacity 1.7 l
  • Heating element steel type 304
  • Contact group Strix®
  • Body material Heat resistant glass
  • Automatic shutoff when boiling Available
  • Automatic shutoff without water Available
  • Automatic shutoff when removing from the base Available
  • Control type Electronic, remote (Ready for Sky)
  • Data transfer standard Bluetooth v4.0
  • Operating system support Android 4.3. JellyBean and higher (devices certified by Google); iOS 9.0. and higher
  • Water heating temperature selection 40, 55, 70, 85, 100°C
  • Temperature control Available
  • Indication LED, sound
  • Heating element Hidden
  • Rotation on base 360°
  • Power cord storage compartment Available
  • Power cord length 0.7 m
  • Size of packing (L-W-H) 218x158x224
  • Weight (in the packing) 1 kg ± 3%
  • * The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to design, packaging, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.

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