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The smart illuminated kettle REDMOND SkyKettle G200S - the unique gadget with the remote control from the smartphone. The kettle has changing illumination, disco light and educational games for kids.

Smart Boil

The kettle is equipped with the unique Smart Boil function, which allows users to control the water boiling intensity via the app. The function is developed to prevent the abundant steam formation and reach the optimum level of mineral content in boiling water.

The tap water can be "hard" because of impurities getting into it from tubes and treatment facilities. For such water you should select the active boiling - it will help to soften water and make it more suitable for brewing and revealing the taste of your favourite drinks.

If you use water with the natural level of mineral content, set the low intensity of boiling - the kettle will heat water, preserving the natural mineral content.

The innovative function is available in the "Boiling duration" tab on the "Settings" screen of the Ready for Sky app.

For convenience

Via the Ready for Sky app in the smart kettle you can enable heating water to any temperature both from the neighbouring room and from anywhere across the world*: on your way home from work or during an evening walk. The remote control creates the additional comfort for the user of the smart kettle. Now you can, for example, bask in bed longer early in the morning, exercise or take a bath, without entering the kitchen - heat water for tea and coffee in the SkyKettle G200S in one click!

For proper tea brewing

Besides the boiling feature the G200S provides 4 preset temperature modes: 40, 55, 70 and 85°C. Via the Ready for Sky app you can set the heating temperature with the down to 1°C accuracy. Using this option is particularly convenient for making different types of tea - as each of them "requires" its own temperature. For example, to properly brew the popular green tea, you need to use water heated to 70-80°C rather than boiling water. While to brew the oolong tea you should select the temperature depending on the fermentation degree - it can be 82°C and 88°C. Thanks to the kettle G200S you can properly brew tea, revealing its taste and flavour to the full extent, easier than ever!

For clockwork tea and coffee

In the app you can leaf through the online book with original tea recipes and start heating water in one click. If you're late you can enable the accelerated boiling from your smartphone. For convenience, the application also allows setting the heating schedule of water on different days of the week (provided that the kettle is synchronized with the smartphone and not removed from the base for performing the command), so that, for instance, when you wake up in the morning, the water for your favourite tea has already been heated. By the way, the app will help you to track how much electricity is consumed by the disco kettle SkyKettle G200S - you can find out this information by opening the "Statistics" tab.

For the colourful lighting

The SkyKettle is an innovative kitchen gadget. From your smartphone you can enable the illumination of any colour, adjust the colour brightness, and enable the nightlight function so that your kettle was illuminated when you don't heat water.

The SkyKettle can change the illumination colour upon heating water or in definite time intervals, shimmering with different colours - just make the adjustment via the app. Another kettle's innovation is the disco light: you play the song on your smartphone or audio system and your SkyKettle changes the illumination to the music.

For children and parents

The SkyKettle G200S provides several options useful for parents. The first option is the ultra-precise heating allowing you to make the infant formula in accordance with recommendations of paediatricians. The second one is educational games on guessing and memorizing colours** for children. Enter the app and open the game tab. When the "Guess colours" game is enabled, the kettle will start to change the illumination and the kid should press on the pictures with berries and fruits of the corresponding colour on the smartphone screen. Choosing the right colours the kid goes to the new level. Playing the "Train memory" game the kid should click on colours, illuminating the kettle, very quickly - as the kettle changes colours in a matter of seconds! While in the "Train memory" game the kid should repeat the consequence of the kettle colours, getting scores and going to the new round if the answer is correct. The games with the disco kettle G200S will keep the kid's attention while you're making baby food or dinner. And if you will play your child's favourite song and enable the "Disco tea" mode for the disco light, then the rhythmically flashing illumination will definitely make him excited!

NOTE! In case of the accidental lock (switching on works neither from the control panel nor from the mobile app) you need to very quickly press "+" button three times from the kettle's control panel on the handle of the device.

App upgrade

While updating the Ready for Sky app the functions of the smart kettle SkyKettle G200S are expanded. Thus the illuminated smart kettle is constantly updated getting more options available via the app. To perform the free app upgrade*** just press the "Update" button in Google Play or App Store.


Ready for Sky. Expand the boundaries of your freedom!

*You can install the Ready for Sky application for free via Google Play or App Store. Control from anywhere across the world is available with the connected free R4S Gateway app on your home Android-smartphone/tablet.

**Attention! During the game the kettle should stand away from the child so that he cannot touch the device housing, the base or the cord.

***You can upgrade the Ready for Sky application for free via Google Play or App Store. If the application does not have the declared functions, update it later.

**** Please note that the device works from the Ready for Sky app and isn't compatible with the devices of the Sky Guard line-up - Wi-Fi plug RSP-102S-E, magnetic contact RG-G31S, motion sensor RG-D31S, plugs RSP-R1S and RSP-R2S, smoke detector RSD-01S.

Key Features

  • Power Input: 2200 W
  • Voltage: 220-240 V, 50 Hz
  • Warranty:

    12 months
  • Electric shock protection class I
  • Capacity 2 L
  • Steel type of the heating element 304
  • Contact group REDMOND
  • Housing material glass, plastic
  • Automatic shut-off when boiling yes
  • Automatic shut-off when empty yes
  • Automatic shut-off when removed from base yes
  • Type of control electronic, remote (Ready for Sky)
  • Data communication protocol Bluetooth v4.0
  • Supported operating systems Android 4.3. JellyBean and up; iOS 9.0. and up
  • Water heating temperature selection 40, 55, 70, 85, 100°C
  • Temperature maintenance yes
  • Indication LED, sound
  • Heating element hidden
  • Rotation on the base 360°
  • Power cord storage compartment yes
  • Power cord length 0,75 m
  • Overall dimensions 225 × 200 × 155 mm
  • Net weight 1.1 kg ± 3%
  • Package includes kettle, kettle base, user manual, service booklet
  • * The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to design, packaging, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.

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