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Smart multi-kitchen REDMOND SkyKitchen CB391S


The multi-kitchen SkyKitchen CB391S has been released in the limited edition Chrome and Bronze. The device functions not only as a multi-cooker, but also as a simple kitchen stove. Due to a number of REDMOND innovative solutions, the device makes automatic the process of preparing home-cooked meals.

MasterFry is a REDMOND patented technology of raising the heating element. On the raised heating element, you can cook in a pan, in a saucepan or in a frying pan which comes fitted with a multi-kitchen. You can even heat up the water in a kettle. The heating element of the multi-kitchen, unlike the one of the multi-cookers, is flat. So the oil is distributed uniformly at the bottom of the bowl or pan. Thus you consume less oil in the process of cooking, and the dishes contain fewer calories.

The SkyKitchen CB391S features 21 automatic programs: you can set any of them to cook in the bowl as well as on the raised heating element using the heat-resistant utensils. The program MULTICHEF is designed to set the temperature and time before the start of the program: the temperature range is from 35 up to 170°C, the adjustment step is 5°C. If you need to readjust any of the running programs, use the MASTERCHEF Light function - press the button, and multi-kitchen CB391S will stop frying, and will start stewing. Your options are not limited to automatic programs: the smart multi-kitchen will cook the way you desire.

The program MULTICHEF will allow you to master the modern technology sous-vide (FR. sous-vide, ‘under vacuum’). The ingredients are loaded into a special vacuum package, and then cooked for several hours at a low temperature (60‒85oC) in the multi-kitchen bow. Meat, fish and vegetables retain the natural texture and remain maximum healthy and fleshy.

It is possible to manage the smart multi-kitchen SkyKitchen CB391S directly from the control panel and remotely from smartphone or tablet. You just need to install a free application Ready for Sky. In any moment or from anywhere in the world* you can start or stop the program in one-click, change its settings, choose time delayed start and, if necessary, cancel automatic preheating. The application has a built-in book with the recipes developed by the REDMOND chefs especially for your multi-kitchen. You can start cooking any dish in one click on the screen.

The multi-kitchen Chrome and Bronze can receive a radio signal and store up to 9 radio stations broadcasted in FM-band. Turn on your favorite radio station to make cooking more fun.


Ready for Sky. New facet of your freedom!

* Control from the distant zones is available when you install the gateway.

**Please note that the device works via the application Ready for Sky, and is not compatible with the Sky Guard series of appliances - Wi-Fi socket RSP-102S-E, reed sensor RG-G31S, motion sensor RG-D31S, sockets RSP and RSP R1S-R2S, smoke sensor RSD-01S.

Key Features

  • Bowl Capacity: 5 l
  • Power Input: 860-1000 W
  • Voltage: 220-240 V, 50 Hz
  • Display: LED
  • Removable steam valve: yes
  • Removable inner lid: yes
  • Warranty:

    24 months
  • Protection against electric shock class I
  • Control panel sensor
  • Bowl/frying pan coating nonstick, ceramic
  • Compatible bowls FP-C505, RB-C515F
  • Remote control Ready for Sky technology
  • Data transmission standard Bluetooth v4.0
  • Supported operating systems Android 4.3 JellyBean and higher, iOS 9.0. and up
  • Non-volatile memory 2 hours
  • 3D-heating yes
  • Ready for Sky (the device remote control via smartphone or tablet) yes
  • MASTERFRY (raisable heating element) yes
  • "MASTERCHEF LITE" (adjusting the time and the temperature during cooking) yes
  • “KEEP WARM” (automatic preheating) up to 12 hours
  • “KEEP WARM” mode disabled in advanced yes
  • Reheating up to 12 hours
  • Delayed start up to 24 hours
  • Radio yes
  • Disabling audible signals yes
  • * The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to design, packaging, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.


  • SOUP
  • BAKE
  • FRY
  • STEW
  • BOIL
  • MULTICHEF ("Sous-vide")

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