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Aug 21, 2017

REDMOND SkyBalance 740S-E – smart floor scale and personal fitness trainer

The floor scale SkyBalance REDMOND 740S-E is a unique device, which is able to show your precise weight, calculate your body mass index, the muscle and bone mass and more.

REDMOND SkyBalance 740S-E – smart floor scale and personal fitness trainer

The SkyBalance synchronizes with the Ready for Sky mobile application on the user’s smartphone or tablet.

The main features of the SkyBalance REDMOND 740S-E are:

• the scale allows you to monitor changes of your body parameters. In the application, you can create your personal record, entering the name, gender, height, estimated weight and waist size;

• the SkyBalance REDMOND 740S-E will save the weighing date and time. The Ready for Sky application will calculate the body mass index and will allow you to esteem whether a person's weight is insufficient, normal or excessive;

• with the help of the SkyBalance mobile applications you can conduct a bioelectrical impedance analysis – the user’s body composition balance. For example, the muscles mass and bones mineral composition is measured in kilograms and the water and fat excess in percent.

Soon the application will allow you to leave comments each time you step on the scale. For example, you will be able to sum up all your data for a month. Since all the data and statistics are saved in the mobile app, there are no additional sensors and displays on the scale’s body, which turns this device into an ultra-thin and stylish gadget.

The SkyBalance REDMOND 740S-E controllable from a mobile phone will become a personal trainer for every user!

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