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Ham “Merchant”

Ham “Merchant”

Мультиварка REDMOND MasterFry FM230 со сковородкой, подъемный нагревательный элемент

90 minutes 235 calories

Meal types: Ham


Beef (fillet) 400 g
Pork (fillet) 400 g
Home-made mince 300 g
Egg 1 pc
Gelatin 15 g
Garlic 10 g
Milk powder 10 g
Ground nutmeg 5 g

How to cook

Rinse the meat, cut into 2 cm cubes, and chop the garlic. Mix the meat, minced meat, nutmeg, egg, milk powder, garlic, gelatine, salt and spices in a separate container and properly stir. Put the mine into the ham maker (Follow paragraphs 1-4 of pattern I). Set the SOUP programme, the timer for 1 hour 30 minutes. Cook until the programme ends. Follow paragraphs 5-7 of pattern I.

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