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Oct 10, 2016

Smart Scale SkyBalance 740S-E – your personal trainer!

REDMOND presents to its European customers an innovative solution – the floor scale SkyBalance 740S-Е. This model will assist you in maintaining a good balance between physical exercise and a healthy diet with sharp accuracy.

Smart Scale SkyBalance 740S-E – your personal trainer!

The Ready for Sky smartphone application equips the SkyBalance scale with unique, ground-breaking features. The user enters his data into the app: his name, gender, height, and current weight. The application then calculates the individual’s body mass index (BMI) and displays whether the user is underweight, healthy weight, or overweight. The SkyBalance scales will use these data and save them to the weighing date to create a weight progress chart.

The smart scale 740S-E will conduct complete testing of your body composition by calculating your muscle and bone masses in kg as well as measuring the percent of water and body fat you have. All these measurements are saved to the mobile app, which will then make personal recommendations for adjusting your weight correction, physical activity level, and nutrition upon subsequent updates.

Since all the data and statistics are saved on your smartphone, there are no additional sensors and displays on the scale’s body, which turns this device into an ultra-thin, stylish gadget.

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