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Smart switch REDMOND RL-S1S

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The smart switch RL-S1S is a wireless single-button switch for the remote control of lighting and REDMOND smart devices in your home. It allows you to turn all of your lights and home appliances on and off, connected to the smart switch via the all-in-one Ready for Sky mobile application.

Place the smart switch wherever you see fit: next to your bed to turn your lights off before bedtime, or near the front door to switch off devices with a single click as you leave your apartment. The REDMOND smart switch is easy to use in a summer cottage, garage, as well as at the office to simultaneously turn on the climate equipment and lights on the premises with just the press of a button. Aside from the obvious convenience factor, the smart switch allows you to save on electricity and keeps your home or workplace safe while you’re away. With the smart switch S1S you can rest assure that all of your appliances are turned off with none of them running idle.

The S1S attaches to any type of surface: whether it be wood, glass, or concrete, there's no need to drill any holes in your walls or install it into your wiring. The smart switch operates without using any wires and at the same time controls several appliances simultaneously!

An additional option of the smart switch S1S is the built-in thermometer. In the Ready for Sky application, you can set the minimum and maximum permissible temperature threshold of your choice on the premises. If, for example, the temperature exceeds the value you specified or lowers significantly, you will immediately hear a signal and be able to address the situation, by using, say, the smart heater SkyHeat C4519S or the smart fan SkyFan 5005S, which are controlled remotely.

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