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Smart Smoke detector REDMOND 01S

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The smoke detector is a smart device that informs you of smoke detected on the premises. In event of smoke or a sharp temperature increase, the smart detector will immediately send a notification to the Ready for Sky app installed on your smartphone and make a beeping sound.

The smart detector will relieve you of unnecessary troubles during your vacation or a long trip. On top of that, the smart device is the perfect solution for your country house. Since you can check the temperature level on the premises at any moment via the Ready for Sky application, you don't have to worry about the fact that the house is left unsupervised most of the time.

The smart detector easily attaches to any surface. No special skills or equipment are required for its installation.

A Bluetooth connection provides for near-field (up to 50 m) data transfer from the detector to your smartphone, while far-field data transfer is performed via a Wi-Fi network or mobile Internet through the Gateway control module*.

The smart detector provides automatic updates and when the battery is low the device will send you a notification as well.

Ensure your home safety with the REDMOND 01S smart smoke detector!

*Gateway is a home-based Android smartphone/tablet with the R4S Gateway app previously installed

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