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Smart Light controller REDMOND B21S

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Controller is a unique development designed for creating a progressive lighting system at home. It allows you to remotely control switching a lustre on/off with 6 bulbs on average and also adjust your own settings to automatically turn the lights on/off when it's convenient for you.

The smart light control unit is installed into the electric wiring that runs to the lustre. It allows you to control the lighting from your smartphone. It features two variants of remote control:

  • - from anywhere in the world. You can do it via the mobile web using the Gateway, which is located at home. Just install the Ready for Sky application on your smarphone and synchronize it with the control unit.
  • - via Bluetooth. If you like, you can control the apartment’s lighting directly from your smartphone via the Ready for Sky application.


You can set a schedule according to which the lustre will automatically turn on/off within the specified time. For example, your child comes back home from school in the off-season when it darkens outside and it's dark at home. He wants to switch the lights on, but can't reach the light switch. With the preset light switching schedule, it’s no longer a concern!

Smooth switching and dimming

You can set up smooth switching so the light doesn't hit your eyes in complete darkness, but turns on gradually instead, making your morning wake-up more pleasant. The B21S also has a light dimming feature (for lustres with incandescent bulbs), which enables you to control the light’s intensity with a single click!

Near-field switching

Thanks to the smart light control unit, you can set up near-field automatic switching for the lights: when you exit the elevator to your stair landing, the light in the hallway will turn on.


The light control unit B21S can interact with the REDMOND smart sensors without your participation, but according to your settings. Its operation can be synchronized, for instance, with the motion detector RG-D1S, which is attached to the door. When the door opens, the sensor automatically sends a signal to the light control unit and the lustre illuminates the room as you enter.

Any Android 4.3 JellyBean smartphone with the R4S Gateway application downloaded on it from Google Play or the App Store can be used as a gateway.

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