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Smart Power block REDMOND RSP-E101S

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Power filter is an easy-to-maintain innovative filter that allows for the remote control of all the electric appliances in your home

You can connect to it any electrical appliances with a total power consumption of up to 3.5 kW (e.g. climate equipment, a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner, a computer, a TV set, a compact audio system, a toaster, and many other household appliances). Thanks to the E101S, it is now possible to turn appliances on/off at a distance via the Ready for Sky application installed on your smartphone. The near-field data transfer is performed directly within the apartment. You can control appliances from anywhere in the world with the connected R4S Gateway.


The Ready for Sky mobile application shows detailed information on the operation of connected appliances within a certain time period and keeps a record of the electricity you have consumed. It saves this information for you to limit your power consumption in future and reduce unnecessary costs to save on your family's budget.


You can send commands to different appliances from your smartphone, set up their schedule, and set their timer on/off. For instance, with the E101S, it is easy to adjust the time frame for an air conditioner's operation or set a computer to automatic switch off as night falls.

The R4S Gateway application can be installed on any home-based smartphone running on Android 4.3 JellyBean. The ready-made REDMOND Gateway control module solution can be used as a gateway as well.

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