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Smart Multipurpose sensor REDMOND G1S

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This smart magnetic contact controls opening/closing of doors and windows in an apartment, country house, or garage. It can also be used for controlling cupboards, cases, and safes used to store valuable items.

If a door or window does accidentally open or close, the G1S will instantly send a notification to the Ready for Sky application installed on your smartphone. The Bluetooth connection provides a near-field data transfer from the detector to the smartphone and a far-field data transfer is performed via a Wi-Fi network or mobile Internet via the Gateway control module*.

Thanks to the smart sensor, you can boldly embark on any long trip. This smart device immediately notifies you of any changes in your apartment. On top of that, it is particularly useful for your country house as you won't have to worry about your home safety while you're away.

The application also provides an event log, which keeps a record of any changes on the premises. You can, for instance, control your children's schedule and their movement outside the home.

The magnetic contact easily attaches to any surface which needs to be monitored. No special skills or equipment are required for its installation.

The REDMOND RG-G1S smart magnetic contact is the easiest way to keep an eye on your home safety!

*Gateway is a home-based Android smartphone/tablet with the previously installed R4S Gateway app

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